Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My time at the Zoo

                            Panmure Bridge school trip .

On Thursday the  room 7 and 8’s and the other kids and teachers went to the Auckland zoo.We had to wait on the bus  because we had to  wait for the man to come.When we first went into the the zoo we first saw the Giraffe and the Zebra. On the other side of the Giraffe and Zebra was a big Rhino. We all saw the big Rhino’s bones. With the rhino was a Ostriches. When we saw the flamingo’s they can stand on one foot, and they left foot up and their head went down into the water and caught a fish. We had morning tea and next there was an elephant called Burma.
The elephant was smelling a branch on the ground. Then we saw a tiger playing with a ball, it had loads of fun with it. We tried to be quiet so the tiger can come to us by the glass. There were two or three tigers in the enclosure. Next we saw the baboons, they were having a conversation on the rope. After that we saw the spider monkeys they were swinging and fighting with each other. One of the spider monkeys fell on the ground twice, it was so funny. Next after that we saw the birds. They were flying around so beautiful and free. After visiting  the birds we saw a crocodile which was bathing in the sun keeping warm, then we had lunch on the grass then we went back to the bus.